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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Teacher Gift...


I completed the last day of my 3 day country club school assignment in this class. With only ten school days left for this school year, the class mood was “excitable” to say the least.

We were not only visited by the principal today, but also the vice principal and the “Student principal for a day”.

The “SP4 a day” greets me with “Hi! Mr. Homework!” Evidentially I was a substitute in his class earlier this year but I couldn’t tell you which classroom he was from.

This greeting generated some odd glances from the P and VP but they didn’t request an explanation and I didn’t volunteer one.

As stated in the previous post, the “Read-Aloud” assignment cost me one worthless coin for yesterday and another for today. Student readers mangled the “elves, gnomes, dwarves” names almost as much as I did on the first day.

With today’s end of day handouts, there was a note from a parent volunteer asking for a $20 donation from each family for the end of year “teacher gift”.

Less-see….twenty-eight kids….times $20.00/ea….carry the one…that’s...WOW…almost $600 !!!

I wonder what Christmas time is like around here?…

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