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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Working Hard or Hardly Working...

I received my school district paycheck in the mail yesterday and realized that things have changed. I only worked 4 days last month and only 4 days so far this month.
The shortened Thanksgiving break accounted for some the lull in activity but the rest was entirely me. 

There were many more opportunities to pick up assignments last month but the urgency to take them has not been the same since reaching a life milestone that I thought would be nonexistent at this time. 

Social Security & Medicare! 

Just over 10yrs ago, I began documenting with this blog my experiences of an entirely different environment from the profession I worked previously. Subbing was a way to cover our health insurance costs and other expenses that come with living in Silicon Valley. Now that those expenses taken care of, I can actually consider real retirement.

If I do not have an assignment booked by bedtime, I set my online status as "not available" to eliminate the automated early morning 05:30AM call. 

I am now more selective on assignments. I find myself preferring 3rd grade up to middle school as choice. There are a couple schools where I will no longer consider working at any grade level. Life is too short for the stress involved.

If the office calls later in the morning, I'll consider it if it doesn't conflict with other daily plans. Time with the grandkids is much more fun & productive at this early age...before they turn into teenagers. 

I don't know if the school district can live with my limitations or not. I assume they will let me know if they can't.