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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


According to StatCounter, sometime this week the blog hit counter will roll over 100,000 page views.

Six years ago when I started this blog, I never imagined that it would develop any kind of notice to reach that kind of number.

So…I wish to thank in advance all 74 public followers, numerous “tweeters” (even though I don’t understand how that works) and the few anonymous friends I know who wish to remain that way…That’s you Gary, Pat and Val!

On to the next 100K!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

School Year 2010/11 Starts in Four Weeks!

School starts again in exactly four weeks. I hope those kids spent some time in the library!...

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer Jobs for White Substitute Teachers?

From: Beijing, China (CNN) -- In China, white people can be rented.

For a day, a weekend, a week, up to even a month or two, Chinese companies are willing to pay high prices for fair-faced foreigners to join them as fake employees or business partners.

Some call it "White Guy Window Dressing." To others, it's known as the "White Guy in a Tie" events, "The Token White Guy Gig," or, simply, a "Face Job."

And it is, essentially, all about the age-old Chinese concept of face. To have a few foreigners hanging around means a company has prestige, money and the increasingly crucial connections -- real or not -- to businesses abroad.

...Before you apply, view the accompanying video. You could end up spending time in a Chinese jail.