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Monday, October 12, 2015

Unintended Consequences...

It was "SAFETY" day at the country club elementary school. The school distributed to all 350+ students a personal-emergency combination "whistle & signal light" key fob. The school's instruction to the kids was use them only to summon help in case of emergency.  

They were handed out to all students during the first hour of class time.

You can guess what happened. A kid with a whistle can't resist the urge to make noise. Make that 350+ kids and you would have thought that "the big one" earthquake happened during a mass kidnapping at the first recess. Even a school wide, loudspeaker broadcast instructing the kids to "knock it off" and repeated instruction what an emergency is went ignored.

I'm sure the parents picking up kids gleefully blasting whistles as they hopped into the back seat really appreciated the school's attention to the safety of their children.