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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Well the daughter is about 3 months from delivery of our granddaughter. She and SIL have a name but won't tell us what it is. So I've started to call her "Penelope Moonflower" for the time being.

Has a ring to it. Sounds kinda 60'ish hippie don't ya think? I'll have to be careful not to use it after she's born or the daughter will brain me.

The May vacation in Kaua'i was really nice and relaxing. Relaxing in that we couldn't really spend too much on tours and stuff. We just cruised around the island in our $15/day crap-mobile with the broken trunk lock (broken-locked) and the flappin' bumpers. But what the hey, it got us to, fro, up and down the beach.

Saw a big turtle Cruis'in the beach at Piopu. Got to swim along side for a while.

Bye for now. The following are pics from Kauai-2004


Wailua River