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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Piggy Wants a Cookie

School is out for the rest of 2011. Today's in class movie is about a hungry pig...enjoy!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Substitute Teacher Book Idea?

I recently received an email:

 “…I was thinking of writing a book on what it's really like to be a substitute teacher… Would you be willing to contribute stories- the good, bad, and ugly?”

I responded with the links to a few of my more “memorable” experiences.

That got me wondering about readers of my blog. Are there any of my posts you feel would be useful for this book?

My personal subbing experience is in relatively low key schools here in San Jose, Calif. I have heard that subbing in some of the tougher intercity schools elsewhere might be a bit more “interesting”.

Have you come across any "tales of the substitute teacher" that might be of interest for this budding author? If so, use the comments section to list your favorite/interesting true tales of the substitute teacher experience.

Links to relevant individual blog posts (mine or others) are encouraged. Links to non-related material will not be displayed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fake Credentials...

I occasionally get email requests to advertise essay and thesis writing services to "help" you get that coveted advanced degree but never anything this blatant:

"...Buy fake/novelty university diplomas and degrees online.
We design our Degree or Diploma Certificates and Transcripts to look 99.99% identical to world famous originals including identical security grade transcript paper, identical water markings, raised-ink crests, embossed seals, correct card stock weight (60-100lb depending upon institution specifications). Most post-secondary institutions available."

If  you ARE interested in "buying" one of these degrees, don't contact me. I'm not gonna help you. Talk to the U.S. Treasury Dept about fake "novelty" $20 bills that are 99.99% authentic and see how far that gets ya.

P.S: don't contact me about any thesis writing services either. 

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Tryptophan Turkeys...

There are only three school weeks between the Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. I had only three half-day assignments last week.

Half day assignments are usually a breeze. There usually isn’t enough time for the 2nd graders to wind up to total craziness before I lose it altogether. By the time they are, it’s over and I go home.

I don’t think I could have survived any more than the assigned three hours in any one of these classrooms. I was worn out and dead tired after each assignment.

The funny thing is that these were classes I’ve had before. They were all classes I’ve had for full day assignments. Second graders are polite, fun, bright, inquisitive and follow directions.

It must be the overdoses of tryptophan turkey that turned me into a tired crotchety old man and the kids to hyper-excited insanity.

Let’s try middle school tomorrow and see if I can make it through a full day in Science class.