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Friday, December 16, 2011

Substitute Teacher Book Idea?

I recently received an email:

 “…I was thinking of writing a book on what it's really like to be a substitute teacher… Would you be willing to contribute stories- the good, bad, and ugly?”

I responded with the links to a few of my more “memorable” experiences.

That got me wondering about readers of my blog. Are there any of my posts you feel would be useful for this book?

My personal subbing experience is in relatively low key schools here in San Jose, Calif. I have heard that subbing in some of the tougher intercity schools elsewhere might be a bit more “interesting”.

Have you come across any "tales of the substitute teacher" that might be of interest for this budding author? If so, use the comments section to list your favorite/interesting true tales of the substitute teacher experience.

Links to relevant individual blog posts (mine or others) are encouraged. Links to non-related material will not be displayed.


KauaiMark said...

Alex T. Valencic has left a new comment on your post "Substitute Teacher Book Idea?":

Well, I realise that this is shameless self-promotion, but I spent an entire school year blogging about my experiences with substitute teaching in a small urban community in central Illinois. I would be delighted to contribute to a book about authentic substitute teaching experiences! All of my subbing entries can be found at

I was hired this year as a full-time teacher, and now I still blog at

Rudrarup said...

Presentations are better than books! Ofcourse this is my personal openion. See my presentation on algebra.

Cristina said...

As a substitute, you must be prepared for everything. For instance, I once subbed in a classroom with a pet snake! Boy was I shocked when I walked into the 4th grade classroom only to see a slithering creature in it. All I could picture was the students taking out their beloved pet or something worse! Needless to say, we joined together with another 4th grade class that day, whew!

KauaiMark said...


I've seen classroom snakes, lizards, turtles, mice, guinea pigs, spiders and of course various types of fish.

I don't mind any of them but my wife shares your view of snakes.


Margaret said...

Great info here. Long time reader, first time poster....keep it up please!

Lucia said...

I am starting my career in substitute teaching and love reading about the 'good, bad, and the ugly' on your blog. Your HOMEWORK strategy is genius and I can't wait to read more. (I just found your blog today.) I am also in the Bay Area - do you know how the demand is for math subs? Would you be willing to correspond with me via email about subbing? I just received my permit but haven't even applied to any districts yet.

KauaiMark said...


Email correspondence on the topic is welcome.

KauaiMark at Gmail dot com