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Monday, May 07, 2018

One (School) Year Update

In case anyone was curious, the "retirement process" for a substitute teacher cannot be any more straightforward. In all my previous employment positions there were exit interviews, hand off instructions to continuing personal, document archival, equipment return, etc.

For this job......"nothing"!
It's as simple as not sending in the required renewal fee for a yearly credential

I did receive a couple direct calls from a few teachers to work, only to let them know I retired. That prompted me to drop in on the office staff of the 2-3 schools I frequented most last year to say goodbye, receive a couple hugs and have them pass the word.

Do I miss it?...Yes a little. I absolutely don't miss the early morning calls but I do feel nostalgic at times about the people and, yes, even some of the kids I met over these last 13yrs.

How can you not?