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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fake Credentials...

I occasionally get email requests to advertise essay and thesis writing services to "help" you get that coveted advanced degree but never anything this blatant:

"...Buy fake/novelty university diplomas and degrees online.
We design our Degree or Diploma Certificates and Transcripts to look 99.99% identical to world famous originals including identical security grade transcript paper, identical water markings, raised-ink crests, embossed seals, correct card stock weight (60-100lb depending upon institution specifications). Most post-secondary institutions available."

If  you ARE interested in "buying" one of these degrees, don't contact me. I'm not gonna help you. Talk to the U.S. Treasury Dept about fake "novelty" $20 bills that are 99.99% authentic and see how far that gets ya.

P.S: don't contact me about any thesis writing services either. 

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