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Thursday, May 18, 2006



I don’t really know why schools have “shift” periods at the elementary level. It’s more difficult for a “guest teacher” to face three different sets of kids for three different subjects (reading, math and science).

My sentence was only for a day and a half (Wed and Thurs) for a crime I have yet to determine. I served my time in this 6th grade class and was paroled Thursday afternoon. It might have been bearable with only one set of jailers, but this prison term I was subjected to three sets. Five if you count three for the full day and two for the half day.

With three sets of jailers, I have three different sets of notes on the lesson plan warning me about certain individuals sitting with each other. Three different notes about who is likely to give me problems due to ADD, ADHD, ACDC, ABBA, WAS, AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEE and what ever else the kid has likely forgotten to take his pills for.

Just about the time I get a handle on dealing with one set of kids, the time is up and the next shift arrives and we get to start over.

After moving one obnoxious kid away from the girl he was stabbing with a pencil on the first day to a desk away from everyone else (he told me his dad had “run out of his pills”), he proceeded to piss me off enough that I sent him to have a talk with the principle.

Unfortunately the principle had left for the day. How can you be the boss of the school and not BE at the school during school hours? The office staff said they’d keep him in the office until the end of the day.

Kudos to the office staff! Boo’s to the principal!

I’m off to the country club school tomorrow to decompress in 4th grade...

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