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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cast Of Characters...


From yesterday’s half day 5th grade class:

Candy Man
I’m giving the math lesson when I notice three empty chairs at one table where it used to be full. I angle around for a look-see and notice three boys under the table with butts in the air hunched over a bag. I haul the boys out and confiscate a Halloween size cache of candy to the protest of the “candy man” owner. I inform him that I’ll let his regular teacher give it back when he returns in the afternoon.

Teddy Bear Boy
Is it me or does it seem more than a little odd to see an 11yr old boy in class with his teddy bear. He claims it gives him the answers to the math problems.

On the way out the door I ask one of the other students how long he has been bringing the teddy bear to class. “Oh! It’s new! He just got it today!”

Concentration Pill Girl
Then we have the ultimate unmotivated girl. She’s the only one without a Math book on the desk long after the class was instructed on the page number and problem set.

me: Where’s your Math book?
cpg: In the desk.
me: Let’s get it out and start working. Ok?
cpg: (opens book)


I notice the book still open but no work has begun.

me: Having any trouble with the problems?
cpg: No! (Looks up with the “aren’t I cute” grin)
me: Then how come I don’t see any math done on the paper?
cpg: I’m going to do it at home.
me: Let’s do it today in class instead.
cpg: I didn’t take my pill. (With another “aren’t I cute” grin.)
me: What pill is that?
cpg: The one that makes me concentrate in school. (Still with the perpetual “aren’t I cute” grin)

Only one more hour more to go!


Magpie Chick said...

Is it wrong that those "aren't I cute" grins (sometime accompanied with big ol' doe-eyes) immediately makes me dislike the child?

The MAN Fan Club said...

This sounds like a boy in my class combined with a girl in the same class.

Different grade and state.