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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bird in the hand...


What’s the deal with all the “half” day assignments lately? Half day assignments also mean half day pay. You always take a chance turning down a half day assignment hoping that a full day assignment might still be possible.

It’s the classic “bird in the hand” choice.

I missed two calls offering half day kinder assignments yesterday. I took today’s half day assignment in 6th grade when they called at 10:00am because any hope for a full day was long gone.

So what to do about this afternoon’s call for three, contiguous “half day” assignments in 4th grade the rest of the week? Take it or chance that you can pick up at least two full days to make more? After today’s experience, I’ll chance it.

Today’s half day seemed more like a full day. I’ve been in this class exactly once this school year about six months ago. I remembered that day as soon as I recognized "Popeye" sitting in the back row. It wasn’t a happy memory. But, for some reason, THEY were happy to see me! Go figure.

Guess what? This class hasn’t changed a bit in six months. Last time, I declined the offer to “send any trouble makers next door” to the other 6th grade, seeing that as a challenge to persevere. Today I harbor no such allusions.

Popeye and the two Blutos are going to be “outa here” the moment I get too frustrated with them. So to my surprise, while people WERE sent next door, it wasn’t them.

Two girls got into a shoving, wrestling match just before last hour so they got the boot instead.

Popeye and the Blutos were borderline “booties” today but survived only because I felt that sending almost 20% of the class out for discipline reasons might have been a bit much.

Next time I might not care…


Magpie Chick said...

I'm a sub-job whore... I take the first offer that comes my way ;) But there are only two school where I am, so the odds of getting a better offer are slim to none.

I also understand about the students being strangely happy to see you. I walked into my assigned class this morning, only to find that there had been a mistake and the regular teacher was actually there. The kids (pains-in-the-butt, all of 'em) were BEGGING for me to stay instead. Now, I understand that a Sub Day is code for "Fun Day", but these people truly are overly fond of someone who won't let them out of the class unless it's an emergency, won't let them goof off on the computer, and who doesn't hesitate to send them to the office. Weirdos.

H0kie Erin said...

I take the half days because I figure, half a day is better than nothing.

Of course, my mother called Friday to see if I could work all day on Monday for one of the teachers on her team. Unfortunately, I had already taken a 1/2 day assignment.

With a real live sub calling person this stuff didn't happen because she would just take care of it. Darn AESOP.

Anonymous said...

I loved the sub coordinator at one of the districts where I worked. She would go out of her way to schedule me for the full day, even if that meant getting me two half-day assignments. I miss working with her. I've never had to work with an automatic system (yet), but I've heard some horror stories from friends and co-workers.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Yes, the dreaded 1/2 day. I've used a couple this year. It works great for mom's who sub and are usually up at our school whether they sub or not. It stinks for someone who relies on the full cash amount.

I need to take a 1/2 day this week as a mentor day. I'll use it 8-12. I will basically have my kids 1-2:30 and then take them to specials before picking them up at 3:20. They leave at 3:28. That's one easy day!