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Sunday, May 14, 2006


I didn’t work at all this past week and it was by choice.

We had both grandgirls over to spend the week with us. They are 20 and 14 months old and a blast to be with.

My job as a substitute teacher allows me to take unpaid days off whenever I need. That is the one and only benefit of the job. This week I took it.

I work in two different school districts and both issue paychecks once a month to substitute teachers.

The pay period for my favored district (#1) is from the 26th of the previous month through the 25th of the current month with checks issued on the 10th of the next month.

The other (#2) district cycle is from the 6th of the previous month to the 5th of the current month with payday the last day of the current month.

This means that for any one day you work, you won’t get paid for that day until 10-35 days later from district #1 and 25-55 days later in district #2.

Both districts prefer “day labor” employees pick up their checks at the respective district offices on payday. Neither district offers automatic deposit as they tell me that it is not available to “day labor” employees.

This creative accounting means that District #2 gets to earn about another month’s extra interest on the money it owes the “day labor” employees. (This has always bugged me since I signed up for this district and one of these days I might have look up the state rules to see if this is actually legal.)

District #2 WILL pay the postage to mail your check if you don’t personally pick it up at the district office by 04:00pm on payday.

To make a long story even longer, payday was Wednesday this last week in district #1 and I chose not spending expensive gas money driving to the district office to pick up my check.

Instead, I walked the grandgirls down to the park for some play time figuring I should see a check in the mail a day or two later. No biggie.

Well, Friday’s mail doesn’t include my check. I call the district office and find out that they are still holding my check waiting for me to pick it up.

Come to find out that District #1 WON’T mail my check unless I provide the postage. They will, begrudgingly, spend the postage and mail it to me five days after payday. I did not know this until this week.

This is the same district that cut the substitute teachers daily rate by $10 this year claiming budget cuts.

In exchange, I should think that the least they could do was give each substitute teacher an extra 39 cents a month to mail a lousy check.

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The MAN Fan Club said...

All that stinks. I do remember when I was in Jeep sales we were getting paid on the 20th for our 1-15th sales and then the 5th for our 16-31st sales. Then a new business rep. sold our dealership on the once a month pay and 10 days after the close of the month.

How did they keep decent subs. by cutting pay unless they were already more than anyone else?