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Friday, February 17, 2006

What's the Opposite of No Lesson Plan?...


What’s the opposite of “no lesson plan”? How about too many plans?

I’m back at the country club school in a different 3rd grade class, I picked up the class folder at the office to find a set of “extra lesson plans!” inserted.

In the class room there are instructions to locate the file box with not one but two large lettered signs labeled: “Canned Substitute Lesson Plans!” The box contains an entire year of pre-canned plans to use. Instructions were simply locate the current week/day number and go for it.

After I located the week #7 set, I wasn’t too happy since they were pretty vague about where I was to find the materials and books referenced.

It was then that I spotted a table in the back of the room with a large sign labeled: “Substitute Teachers Desk!” where there was a personal note from the teacher and yet a different lesson plan for today.

This is the one I was what I was expecting, so we returned the “canned set” to its’ proper file and started our day.

This was, once again, the easy day with a good group of kids.

The schools are out this next week for winter break, so I’ll have more time for the eBay auction business.

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