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Friday, February 10, 2006



The rest of this week was a couple days in 3rd grade classes at the “country club” elementary school. I’ve subbed in this school a few times before and it seems to be a continuing, consistent school environment.

Kids are respectful, friendly, cooperative, enthusiastic and hard workers. Subbing under these conditions is almost like a vacation. This is the way a public school should be for ALL kids.

I live less than a mile from this school and yet if I still had school age kids they wouldn’t be going there. We’re not in this schools’ boundary. The local school for this neighborhood is two miles further down the road where the atmosphere is more, shall we say, disruptive?

While both schools are in the same district and less than three miles apart the school atmosphere is totally opposite.

There is no school choice allowed within our local public system. Even moving into a schools’ current boundary will not guarantee the district won’t redraw the boundary by the time your kid is ready to start school.

No wonder a lot of parents are shelling out a lot to send their kids to private schools if they can afford it.

I can see why vouchers for school choice might be an attractive lure for some parents.

Is it time to try Pro-Choice?


Fred said...

I'm a big fan of vouchers. I'm in the minority in the educational community. I could go on and on, but accountability is not high on the agenda of unions.

Too bad.

Formidable Flea said...

Fred - All I can say is Thank God I don't work in a union state and never have. Our reps do a great job for us without me having to be unionized. (whew)

KauaiMark - We moved to a new district that does have choice, but it doesn't always fix everything. The atmosphere at my son's school is great, but they assume a lot on the part of the parents. Where I was before, which was rural, quite poor, and definitely underpaid, the teachers individualized instruction for every student (that's hard work!) and my son excelled. Now they're saying he's really behind, so I'm thinking (since the curriculum here is easier) that it might be the schools, not the kid. I totally wish we did have vouchers, because I'm going to dish out a lot to put my kid in a private school as soon as I can! :)