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Friday, February 03, 2006


I have usually avoided “Special Day Class” assignments because of all the horror stories others have told me about. But I took this assignment today because there doesn’t seem to be much of the “regular class” variety.

First up, NO LESSON PLAN. The class DID have two aides for the sixteen students.

If those aids weren’t there, I wouldn’t know what I was supposed to do or even how to do it. There was a mix of mentally retarded, autistic, and really below grade level mix of 4th, 5th grade students.

One kid has something called “Williams syndrome”, another autistic, another one spent part of the movie eating Styrofoam (…not sure if he swallowed any before I took it away from him). And a fourth kid was a continually scratching her legs.

I probably won’t volunteer for this again.


Fred said...

How could a teacher possibly have no lesson plan? I don't get it.

H0kie Erin said...

I've been pretty lucky with those kinds of classes. The aides are wonderful. They don'te get paid nearly enough. Next week I am doing the class full of behavior problems. It's always an interesting day. Thank goodnes for HER aide.

The MAN Fan Club said...

Yes, SpEd can be challenging. The last 2 years I taught Emotionally Disturbed classes. You really relied on the aides to run things when a sub was needed.