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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Be Careful What You Ask For...


Day 2 with the same 5th grade class from yesterday. I specifically asked for a lesson plan before taking today’s class.

Well all I can say is: “Be careful what you ask for”.

I DID receive the extremely detailed, three page, word processed lesson plan from the teacher this morning. Part of which is re-produced below:

(Click pic for readable image)

I know a REAL teacher might pull this off with only 20minutes lead time, but I couldn’t. If I had the previous might to prepare the “example for student’s to model”, then maybe I could have pull this off but not on a spur of the moment.

What do you seasoned instructors think? Is this assignment too ambitious to expect a sub to accomplish with the teacher’s desired results or not?

This got condensed down to:
“Your principal thinks it’s a good idea to eliminate recess next year to get more learning done. Write a letter to her why or why not this is a good idea. Provide at least three reasons.”


Fred said...

If I get a sub I'm familiar with, yes, it's possible. Some subs are terrific.

However, if I don't recognize the name, or there's lousy feedback about the individual, I'll be much less detailed.

leesepea said...

I leave my subs typed lesson plans, the first two pages of which are classroom procedures and the last two pages of which include the day's lessons.

Unless it's a sub I'm familiar with, I'd NEVER have a sub teach something completely new to my classes.

IF it's my favorite sub, who I trust enough to teach new things to my classes, I STILL leave detailed notes about HOW to teach what I need to have taught for the day, AND I prep the overhead sheets I want my students to have notes of, with plenty of practice examples in case the kids need to see it worked through again.

Then again, I did sub for two years before I got my own classroom, so I know what it feels like to walk into a room and not have enough stuff to do for the day or not have explicit notes on what you're expected to do.

Now I'm curious; am I too ambitious with my sub plans?

Anonymous said...

I leave similar plans. Mine are normally three typed pages. I had posted an example on my blog some time ago but I can't find them now... may have to repost some.