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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Drought Seems To Be Over...


The subbing work load seems to be picking up. Yesterday was a 3rd grade class with a request from another teacher at the same school to handle his class on Friday.

With today’s 2nd grade class, I’m hitting my goal of working at least three days/week to keep the bill collectors at bay.

There were lots of parents on campus today at lunch. It’s “Lunch With Your Own Kids Day” at this elementary school.

This is kind of a novel concept: A family picnic at school. It was calmer than usual at noon. Very nice.

I think the rest of the district should adopt the concept.


The MAN Fan Club said...

Tough time of year here in Texas.
4th grade has their state writing test in 2 weeks so the Lang. Arts teachers are hesitant to take a day off, yet after 5 weeks are in desperate need of a planned sick day. You should get busier for sure though.

Fred said...

Good news. Those bill collectors aren't very empathetic.