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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Three Class Update...

Last Thursday, Friday I had 4-5 combo classes at different schools and today I had 6th grade at yet another school.

Three class update:
Item 1:
Rain, rain, every day rain! Come ON! This is supposed to be spring in California. Enough already! P.E. in the classroom just doesn’t appeal to me or anyone else.

Item 2:
Mr. Homework worthless coin (WC) student exchange rate between kids:
1 WC = $1US (5th grader! I couldn’t believe it…)
1 WC = 1 juice drink (6th grade)
1 WC = 5 candy mints.

Item 3:
Friday, March 31 I posted the following on the board for one of the 4/5 combos:

“The special California Statewide Fourth and Fifth Grade Only Mandatory All Day Test will be held tomorrow (Saturday morning April 1, 2006).

Test starts at 06:37am and lasts until 11:53pm. No lunch or bathroom breaks and purple pens only. Don’t be late and be sure to bring your parents as they have to take the test also…”

Some of the kids complained about being made to take school tests on Saturday.

(The other kids had a laugh before letting them in on them in on what I thought was an obvious April Fool’s Day joke…)

Item 4:
Sixth graders can’t be trusted….with anything!

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