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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Kindergarten Caught!...


This is the last school day for this sixth grade class before the Easter week break.

It’s pretty much a “do nothing” day as evidenced by the major items on the lesson plan.

  • Silent Reading
  • P.E.
  • Watching the movie “Finding Nemo” for their science lesson about sea life.
  • Extra recess at the end of the day
The easiest question I had to answer from one kid today was “Can you draw a piranha…real quick?” to which my answer was “No…”

It’s the kind of day that doesn’t provide much in the way of interesting BLOG material to share until….

Toward the end of the day a messenger arrives with citations issued to two of the boys in my class. Citations are issued for anything from youthful school yard mayhem all the way down to chewing gum on campus.

My two sixth grade clowns were caught stealing “Easter eggs” from the Kindergarteners Easter egg hunt.

Me: “Well guys, any comments?”
Egg thieves: “No….”

Me: “Do you think your teacher is going to be disappointed about this?”
Egg thieves: “Yes….”

Me: “Do you think your parents are going to be disappointed about this?”
Egg thief #1: “Yes…”
Egg thief #2: “I dunno…”

That last response stunned me more than the actual crime!

I related this exchange to another sixth grade teacher. He said that what he knows of the second kids’ parents, he wasn’t surprised…

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The MAN Fan Club said...

Interesting to note the 2 different responses and they are so typical of the way my students would respond.

Finding Nemo. I'd have to really stretch it to make that fit in with my curriculum. We definitely have to get the approved from the Admin.