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Friday, April 21, 2006

Inactive Status...

I was complaining earlier this year about the “Silence of the Calls” situation with both of the school districts I’m signed up with. No assignments for almost all of January and several weeks with only one or two calls. Then things started picking up with my favored district.

I let the other district slide, but still wondered why there were absolutely NO call assignments at all for the last four months. Am I on somebody’s s--- list over there? Did the district office discover this blog and not like some entries? (The letter post was about a school in this district).

With today being the last day of EASTER break and some time on my hands, I went to the district office to find out what’s what. To my surprise they had me and about 400 other subs on the “inactive/restricted status” list.

It seems that they installed a new computer that invalidated all our “California Emergency Substitute Teaching Permits” status. They’re working on the problem. I’m now wondering when they discovered the problem and how long they have been working to fix it. Three months? Nahhh….

The substitute coordinator re-checked all my credentials and “reinstated” my status as a substitute in good standing. Sure enough, by the time I returned home, the substitute system called with a couple of jobs for me.

Ahh! The wonders of technology! Good luck to the other 399 subs out there!!


The MAN Fan Club said...

You probably fixed the problem for everybody. When I subbed in 97 I don't think I ever went more than 1 day without a call. Pretty big district though.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that for School Districts Sub is short for sub-human. They do not intentionally do anything bad to you or other subs, but there is no union or other agency that will file a grievance on your behalf should something go awry. You have to be extremely vigilant to insure that nothing is wrong with your credential,that nothing negative has been said about you from any of your employment sites. Failure to monitor the situation will result in similar occrrences to what you described in your last post.

Baba said...

I enjoy your subbing stories.

I am lucky to be in a district that uses a web based sub' finder system. I've been subbing for a few weeks and have only spoken to the sub' caller once. I just log on the sub system (with a password) during certain set times each time. I see a calendar and sub assignments appear on it as codes. I click on one for info' and click to accept. If you're vigilant and fast, a new sub' can get assignments almost as easily as a "veteran." (The system even allows you to specify what kind of assignments you'll take and what days you'll work, and you can change that info' whenever you want.) I just started a few weeks ago, and I've subbed everyday I wanted to.

This is in stark contrast to when I subbed in 1997, when I was at the mercy of the caller. I didn't get much work at first. I only wanted to sub' in elementary, but eventually got sucked into high school. I even ended up in high school "tech' ed'" and gym, yikes (neither my forté).

I'm a stay-at-home dad, a former teacher, who's subbing for a while to earn some extra money for the family.

I have a blog, too. ( Occupation: Dad ) I normally write about being a dad, but lately the sub stories have been quite [dare I use this word] "blogworthy."

(I was curious about other sub' blogs / sub' stories, searched and found yours.)