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Thursday, April 20, 2006

One More Reason To Drive A "Beater" Saturn To School...


Third-grader suspended for taking teacher's van

An 8-year-old boy swiped his teacher's car keys and took her minivan for a joyride, cruising safely home and into the record books as the city's youngest auto thief, police said.

The third-grader told officers he ``just wanted to drive around for a while'' when he left James Marshall School on Monday, officer Michael Amarillas said.

``This is the smallest child you can ever imagine,'' said teacher Caren Brady, who noticed her vehicle missing a couple hours after school. ``I don't think this kid is 4 feet tall. He's tiny; he's the tiniest kid in the class.''

The boy, whose identity was not released, was suspended, Brady said. Nothing was damaged and no one was hurt, and police said they wouldn't charge him with a crime.

From Mercury News wire services

educationwonk found an expanded story with video!!


EHT said...

I'm numb with shock---absolutely amazing this kid could reach the pedals. Visited here for the first time tonight. I'll be back!

Patti said...

Lord have mercy! I'm keeping my car keys in my pocket! Up to now I have just kept them on the desk where they land in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I always keep my kids in my pocket. Good thing.