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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day of Silence...

Now that I’m activated again, the second favored district is calling. Half day Tuesday this week as a roving sub and a two day 1st grade assignment today and tomorrow.

Turns out I missed “Silence for the Substitute Teacher Day” yesterday (Wed/26). All the kids were celebrating with a "Day of Silence" for us poor mistreated substitute teachers and I missed it.

What a day that would have been. Serene, tranquil, relaxing, peaceful with no 1st graders bursting with the latest news about who called who “stupid” or asking for the fifth time the same question: “What do I do now?”.

What’s that you say? It wasn’t a celebration? It was some kind of student "Protest"? I don’t believe it!

I’m going to stick with “Silence for the Substitute Teacher Day” while quoting the famous MythBuster Adam Savage:

“I reject your reality and substitute my own…”

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