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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not My Worst Tuesday…


Same class, 2nd day went much better than yesterday. I had an advance look at today’s lesson plan before I left yesterday afternoon. It made it much easier to go over the upcoming assignments and re-organize the books and paper piles in the order I needed to use them.

Remember, yesterday, when I said: “…ONE kid had a bit too much ‘sassy mouth’ but I can’t really blame him for the whole day?”

Well today he had to go away for a while for RSP, ELD, ADD, ATT, or some such other acronym that hopefully meant “Attitude Adjustment in Class”. Once he was gone, the rest of the class was GREAT! When he came back, I could immediately see the difference in the entire class attitude.

This kid will be moving on to middle school in a few months. I pity then next substitute that has to deal with him

(This is why I don't do middle school...)

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