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Monday, January 28, 2008

Not My Best Monday…


I don’t think I did my best work today.

I had a four page, handwritten lesson plan, all the books in a pile and the handout work in the single folder marked “Monday”.

Everything I needed was there.

Sure the lesson plan was somewhat disorganized as it had some cross outs, arrows re-arranging the times at which I was supposed to do present material. A few, somewhat, cryptic shorthand notes about what she wanted done was cleared up at the end of the day when I reread the plan after finding some material I hadn’t used on the desk.

I collected a quiz instead of having the kids correct each others paper because I didn’t find the answer key in sub folder until after class. (It was in the folder, I just missed it).

The kids weren’t the problem. A little chatty, but not enough that I couldn’t handle them. I DID have ONE kid that had a bit too much “sassy mouth” but I can’t really blame him for the whole day.

I just wasn’t on the ball today.

At least it’s over! We survived and no one got injured, lost or hysterically sick.

I get to try again in this class – tomorrow!


Sladed said...

This kind of thing happens to the best of us. The teacher lays everything out for us and for some reason we completely overlook something that's right there. It's happened to me, even in classes where I've subbed for the same teacher more than a dozen times!

Darren said...

We can't all fire on all cylinders every day. Stuff happens.