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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Light Payday for January…


Friday was the last day of the pay period for the month of January. I was fortunate to pick up two days in the same 3rd grade class this last week. I say “fortunate” because it tripled my paycheck for the month.

For the entire month, I picked up only three classes subbing. Not quite enough to cover the medical insurance payment for January.

Oh, that’s another other bit of good news for us. We finally have medical insurance again as of Jan/1!

After dumping our previous “we deny all claims” carrier, Crap Assed National, Inc., we reapplied to the big “Blue” carriers. We were subsequently “declined” by Blue Cross and ignored for a few months by Blue Shield.

We then applied and were successfully accepted by Kaiser Permanente. (…Blue Shield finally responded a month later, but by then it was too late to consider them.)

But, back to class:

Third graders are great! They still like school and want to do work. They still tattle a little but they are gradually moving out of that phase.

They are a lot of fun to be around, even if I have to confiscate the occasional improvised blow gun made from a ballpoint pen sleeve and pen cartridge.

“Blow gun” duly noted and taped to the substitute teacher “End of Day” report…


The MAN Fan Club said...

Move to North Texas. You will sub ALL the time. Housing is cheap as well. We also got doctors and medical insurance.

Sladed said...

I agree! 3rd graders can be the best, especially if their regular teacher has them "well-trained".

Here in San Diego's north county, health insurance is not an option.