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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What Are The Odds...

January seems unusually quiet for “guest teaching” this year. Only 3 ½ assignment days so far this month. My average has usually been 3-4 assignments per week.

This leaves LOTS of time to do important stuff like going to lunch networking, opening the mail responding to important correspondence issues and looking in wallet for lunch money attending to the household finances.

So the other day I received, in the mail, a work order and credit card receipt from the auto dealership for a roadside service call (replacing dead battery) for my car. This normally wouldn’t be at all unusual except for the fact that I didn’t HAVE any roadside service for my car.

The work order listed my name, address and home phone number. The car described was the same model, color and year, but the VIN and license plate wasn’t mine. Neither was the customer business and cell number.

Ok, so the dealer has their records mixed. No biggie. After all, they aren’t asking me for any money. They just sent the work order and credit receipt to the wrong guy.

The dealership is close so I drove down to get the paperwork corrected.

Turns out this other customer and I have one other thing in common. We both have the same first and last name!

What are the odds of two guys having the same name, owning the same model, year and color car and have it serviced at the same dealership?

Time to buy another LOTTO ticket…

Jan/23 Update!! LOTTO WINNER!

1 comment:

Fred said...

Buy one for me, too. Will you still sub when you hit the numbers?