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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Short Day, Minimum Day...


I got a late morning call to take on a 6th grade class for a sick teacher. While I haven’t subbed for this teacher before, I have met him on several occasions in the school staff lunch room. He is a well seasoned instructor of over a couple dozen years, so I was a expecting a equally well disciplined classroom experience.

What I walked in on was “constant social hour”. The kids were not rowdy as some, but the general tone was a constant noise level of conversation about the same found in a popular, busy restaurant.

They were polite enough when I asked for attention, but reverted back to the “usual” conversation level after I was done talking.

Trying to teach lessons “on plan” pretty much wasn’t happening. I was thankful that Thursdays in this district are minimum days and my total time in this particular classroom was only three hours today.

I was told by other teachers that this is this teacher’s style in the classroom. I guess it must work on some level, but I didn’t see it working today.

Hopefully tomorrow in a different class and school will be a better experience…

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The MAN Fan Club said...

I teach 4 different units of 4th grade science and each group of kids has their own make up. I have the same expectations for each group, but some respond better. That said, I would think about 1/2 is nurtured and 1/2 is natured when it comes to group behavior.