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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can't They ALL Just Be One Flavor Verbs?...


This 4th/5th combo class is the first class of the New Year.

They couldn’t have been easier to deal with. This is the fourth time I’ve subbed this particular class and they are a great bunch of kids. No problems at all.

To make it even better, the first hour of class was “Literature Prep” given by a roving specialist. She told me I could take off for the next hour. So I took a leisurely walk down to the office to turn in the roll sheet, ambled by the staff lunch room and sampled a few New Year’s chocolate treats they had put out and had a brief pleasant chat with the school principal who came in for the same reason. All in all a very relaxing one hour break.

The only spoiler to this perfect day was when I took a look at the “grammar packet” I was to hand out as the last activity to the 5th graders.

Irregular verbs. Oh, crap! Here we go again!
Four worksheets titled:
  • Identifying regular .vs. irregular verbs
  • More irregular verbs
  • Subject verb agreements
  • More irregular verbs challenge

Do we really need to label, much less know how to categorize these things?

I guess I should be grateful the grammar gods haven’t invented even more mysterious things like “complex verbs”, “imaginary verbs” or “theoretical verbs” eh?

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Jennifer said...

I am a product of the "whole language" reading movement of the late 60's and 70's. You know, "Oh, just let the kids read, they will figure out how to spell and do grammer on their own." This means I am a HORRIBLE speller and a grammer idiot! When I returned to college my English teacher kept writing on my papers "verb tense agreement." WHAT? I had to sit down with my mom and have remedial grammer lessons.