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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mountain Lion Sighting!

It's been a few years since this sign first went up. Claudette and I always take a look at our surroundings when we are out walking but we've never seen anything...

...until today.

I was walking through the park at the end of the block. I crossed the rusty bridge over the creek from the park on the way to McD's for lunch. As I was walking the path along the top of creek bank out to the main road, I saw a mountian lion meandering in the creek bed about 20ft below.

I watched it walk away around the next bend in the creek while silently cussing myself for not having a camera.

Google Maps Coordinates: 37.298945,-121.769012
The cat was just about between the green and red pointers in the picture (click to enlarge) below:

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