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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Atlas Shrugged Finally Done!

I started reading Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged” several months ago. It’s taken me several months to read because at 1168 pages, it’s a large book. It doesn’t help that I had to return it to the library every three weeks and try to check it out again as they would not allow renewals because there were always several people “on hold” for the same book of which they have only seven copies.

With several weeks delay between checking the book back in to the library and waiting for the next available copy to continue the novel, I was able to complete the last third of the book this week with only six days left before I have to return it.

Who is John Galt?

That’s the main catch phrase of the book revived by popular current day Conservative radio and TV personalities commenting on the apparent direction our US government is leaning.

In the book, John Galt starts out as a legendary myth that later turns out to be very real. John Galt seems to be Ayn Rand’s alter ego whose political view seems to be somewhere to the far right of extreme Libertarianism.

At one point in the book, John revels himself in a hijacked radio address to the nation with a three hour speech explaining his belief system and actions. I started reading the first few pages of Galt’s speech and noticed a recurring theme. I skipped several pages and picked up reading the same theme. Skipped more pages and found the theme continued.

Ayn Rand had become Ayn Rant which pretty much boils down to: “Government! Leave me the hell alone!”

It was only because I skipped much of that 60 page radio speech that I was able to finish the book by the library deadline.

I’m tempted to checkout her book “The Fountainhead” but I hear there is movie that I can complete in about 2hrs.

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