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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kick'em All Out...

...except this one.


teachin' said...

In 2008, Michele Bachmann claimed Barack Obama had anti-American views and essentially wanted to bring back McCarthyism. If you want to kick 'em all out, I don't know that you want to make an exception for her.

KauaiMark said...

It's only McCarthyism if it's government going after the non-elected citizenry.

But...I'd be willing to change "except this one" to "except maybe this one" depending on review of her total record.

teachin' said...

Here's a link to the video of the accusation:

And my understanding of McCarthyism is that it's about accusing people of un-American tendencies and sympathies without any substantiation (for McCarthy, specifically Communists, but times change), and that those accusations are especially aimed at members of the government and members of the media. Bachmann's all over that.

She is not my favorite member of Congress.