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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poke Yer Mom…

The last three days in class have been GREAT! I subbed 1st, 4th and 6th grades at two different schools and they were ALL great kids to be with. The 1st graders were especially satisfying to be with because messing with their little minds is SO much fun.

I didn’t realize that the Pokémon fad was still popular until “sharing time”. One boy was showing his collection of cards and had the rapt attention of several boys. There were lots of volunteered advice and comments on individual cards and abilities of each character.

Personally, I know absolutely nothing beyond the fact that they are cards and kids like to collect and trade them. So just to mess with them, I innocently asked:

Me: “So you poke a man with these cards? That doesn’t sound very nice…”

Boy Chorus: “No! It’s “Pokie-MON”, not “Poke a Man”!!”

Me: “Oh…my mistake! I get it now, but why would you want to poke your mom? Does she like getting poked with those little cards?…”

Frustrated Chorus: “Noooo! Not like that! Not “Poke Yer MOM! It’s Poké-Monnnnn…”

…I’ve been told that I can be frustrating to little kids at times.

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The Vegas Art Guy said...

That was cold blooded and very funny. It reminds me when a student asks me if the can go to the bathroom, followed up with this response by me...

"I don't know, are you capable of going to the bathroom?"

It's one of the few constant joys in the classroom.