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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Minimum Day, No Way…

Thursdays are “minimum day” in this district. Substituting on a “Thursday” means a full day’s pay for about half a day’s work. Teachers cherish “Thursdays” almost as much as a regular school holiday.

It’s no wonder that substitutes don’t get many calls to work on “Thursdays”.

This morning’s automated call at 06:00am was as unusual as well as it was unexpected. After hearing the assignment, I knew why it was being shopped around.

The assignment was for the worst school in the district where I’ve had problems in the past. It’s also the only school currently on my boycott list.

It was for SDC (Special Day Class) -- in the worst school in the district. (Did I mention that already?)

It was for a two day (Thur/Fri) assignment -- in the worst school in the district.

After what I had experienced, it was a no brainer decision to decline. It was also no surprise that the automated system called ninety minutes later (15mins before the class started) to “offer” it again, as no other substitute in the district wanted to take it either.



ms-teacher said...

There are just some things one must absolutely say no to. I do not blame you at all!

Darren said...

I hear you.

Anonymous said...

I was enjoying your blog until I read this. You are ignorant and unkind.

KauaiMark said...

"...You are ignorant and unkind"

Working SDC classes are hard enough. I have worked many over the years and more than a few have been great.

This was more about the over all school culture at all the grade levels in general and less that the class was SDC.