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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Second Favorite…

This must be Bizzaro week.

While the anticipated disaster with yesterdays 6th graders turned out pretty good, today’s 4th grade class, from which I expected good behavior, got just the opposite.

I intercepted one note passed from a girl to the guy sitting in front of her asking the question/statement: "Do you now you is sexy?"

I looked at my little 4th grade “Lolita” wannabe and with a straight face said: “You spelled ‘know’ wrong” and watched her turn a couple different shades of red as I stapled the note to my daily report.

No more notes were passed today.

All they accomplished today was one practice spelling test, a lot of goofing off and getting the floor clean before I let them out the door to go home.

On the way out, one kid blurted:
“You’re our 2nd most favorite sub!”

Me: “Oh? Who’s #1?”
Kid: “Mr. A-------! He sings songs and let’s us play games!”

No additional comment needed.


Unknown said...

I'm surprised they didn't call you their favorite early in the day to butter you up. I was often referred to as the world's funniest substitute. Whatever your label, it can also be a burden.

MKuehler said...

Figures that the sub that lets them get away with everything and do nothing is their favorite.