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Friday, December 21, 2007

It’s the Last DAY…


It’s the last day before Christmas break.

I picked up a 2nd grade class assignment for today. The only assignment this week. The last assignment for 2007. Minimum work on a minimum, 4 ½ hr day.

A piece of cake.
…or so I thought.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Take roll
  2. Busy work
  3. Recess
  4. Busy work
  5. Lunch
  6. Play the video: The Muppet Movie
  7. Dismiss

Everything was proceeding along as “planned” until they came back from lunch. All I had left to do was play the movie and then send them on their way home.

Well is seems that this one girl had already seen The Muppet Movie and has declared it boring.

But because SHE’S bored she assumes that everyone should also be bored. She starts acting up by pushing her chair around the room until she can start loud conversations to the distraction of the other kids trying to follow the story line.

I’m not gonna force any kid to watch a Disney movie in class. It’s the last day!

My efforts to limit her mobility by having her sit next to me in the back of the room only last for a few minutes until she starts scooting away from me an inch or two at a time. I notice but I let it slide. It’s the last day!!

As long as she isn’t too disruptive and to the other kids aren’t complaining, I’ll let it go just for today because it’s the last day!!!

Big mistake. This movie lasts an hour and twenty minutes. That’s too much time to tempt little Miss Bored to act “civil”. Four return trips to the back of the room next to me is my limit.

The ultimate 2nd grader punishment of “turning her card to yellow”, writing her name on my report for her teacher or asking “What would Santa think?” had negligible effect. By negligible, I mean absolutely none.

Finally it’s time to go home. I’m sooo glad that it’s the last day!!!!

Off topic note. Today’s odd kid name for today: Malaysia (girl)


MKuehler said...

I worked the day before they let them out for Christmas break but not the next day. I knew those kids would be off the walls and I was in no mood to deal with them. I like elementary because it has a lot of variety. I hope the new year goes well for you.

Sladed said...

The last day before a break can be a mixed bag. Sometimes it's easy because they might only doing "fun stuff". On the other hand they can be so wound up and excited that controlled chaos is the best you can do! Too bad you didn't have something else for Miss Bored to do. When I long-termed subbed a 2nd grade class we had finished, graded work that needed to be filed for later take-home. Nearly any 'little darling' could do this for me.