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Monday, December 10, 2007

Beatles 2nd Tour…


I’m back in the 6th grade “Beatles” class today.

The call came late Sunday night. I DIDN’T really want to take this class.

After checking for an alternate assignment (…there was none), I accepted the assignment. With this being a short month before the schools close for the holidays, I figured maybe I could survive at least one more day of abuse.

I was silently hoping that this class might have improved since my last visit but the first comments at the top of the lesson plan didn’t bode well.

“…This class is difficult…“All the boys except for the following four are benched for behavior last week…”

At roll call, I noted that the worst of the Beatles was absent. He’s the one who wrote and begged his teacher to:

“Please, please, please, never, never, never, never, (repeat another 10-15 nevers) have Mr. Homework subseetoot for us agan!”

Since the automated substitute line stated “You have been requested for this assignment”, I see he didn’t get his wish.

What transpired, instead, was a pleasant surprise. THEY WERE PRETTY GOOD!!

Even “sassy girl” didn’t give me too much attitude today. And only half the boys ditched recess bench duty figuring that I wouldn’t notice.

“Ditching bench duty” duly noted in my substitute report for their teacher to deal with…tomorrow.

1 comment:

HappyChyck said...

Ah! You wore them down! They know that to mess with you!