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Saturday, August 12, 2006

California H.S. Exit Exam - Quote of the Day!!...

The Judge Ignazio Ruvolo has it right on target! Social grade promotion should not override actually passing the classes needed to advance, and passing grades should reflect actual learning.

State Appeals Court decision:

"...The state is apparently short-changing 20,000 students who failed California's high school exit exam but is not required to give them diplomas, a state appeals court ruled Friday.

While sympathizing with students whose schools failed to teach them what they needed to know to pass the test, the Court of Appeal panel in San Francisco refused to reinstate an injunction that would have entitled them to receive the diplomas they were denied in June..."

"A high school diploma is not an education, any more than a birth certificate is a baby''
--Presiding Justice Ignazio Ruvolo

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Fred said...

Only in California. Wow.