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Saturday, August 26, 2006

128 Students Suspended...

This has to be some kind of record.

"...HAMMOND, Ind. - Classrooms were a little less crowded at Morton High School on the first day of classes: 128 students were sent home for wearing the wrong clothes."

The full story here:


Fred said...

The big thing this year are the shorts. The ladies can't seem to understand that they have to be mid-thigh.

Michelle said...

I think we either need to let the kids wear what they want or just go to uniforms. I get tired of being the fashion police. Kids, being kids, will push the limits on any sort of dress code every time. Shoot, even some of the teachers do it.

Fred, they don't even make mid-thigh shorts for young ladies anymore. That is part of the problem!

Anonymous said...

I applaud them. I am tired of seeing the inappropriate clothes. These kids need to figure out that in the real world, if you don't wear the appropriate attire, you're fired.