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Thursday, October 07, 2004

No assignments for today. For the benefit of those who have asked the specifics on “how my area” assigns subs, I offer the following:

I got a call from the “frozen district” office to come in for, yet again, another set of finger prints so I can get enrolled in their automated subbing system for their district. I guess they burned through their existing stash of available sub’s and are willing to sign on a few more.

All the district offices, of which there are several, in this county seem to be using the same automated “sub notification” system. Once registered, you are assigned a unique pin number for each district you wish to sub for.

Teachers can request a specific sub if they have the pin or phone number of their favored sub. If not, they can post the job with a short description of assignment on the automated system for any sub willing to pick it up.

Sub’s can call any time during the day or night and listen and accept any available assignments. Evidentially prime time for subs to call is about 05:00pm for the next day's assignments.

The system will begin calling the sub list at 07:00pm the previous night till about 10:30pm and start up again at 05:00am to about 10:00am or until all the jobs are assigned.

As a sub, you have the option of accepting or rejecting the assignment. Once rejected, you can’t change your mind. The system will not call you twice for the same assignment.

The latest I’ve been auto-called was 09:30am for a 08:30am assignment the same day.

I got a call directly from the local school up the road to sub tomorrow’s Kindergarten. This is the first direct call I’ve had from a school. I’m subbing for the teacher I worked with on my first sub job.

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