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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Friday’s ½ day job turned out to be the easiest day yet.

I didn’t even have to teach as my “job” for the day was to assist the afternoon Kindergarten teacher with whatever she needed doing for her class.

Now in my previous Hi-Tech job, I very often would have to generate programming specifications, test plans, proposals and other documents using the latest Hi-Tech tools comprising thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment.

The process would take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks of cut and paste editing from various accessible sources. The end result would be viewed by probably fewer than a dozen people.

My Friday assignment was also a cut and paste project using tools worth, maybe, less than $5. One pair of blunt nosed scissors, Elmer’s all purpose white paste and 20 sheets of construction paper dominated my 3 hour project.

The end result would probably be viewed by 50 to 100 people if you count all the kids, parents and possibility Grandparents.

Puts things into perspective, don’t ya think?

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