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Monday, March 03, 2014

Why I Blog...

Response to an email I received today...
(original questions excerpted from query in quotes" 
Hi, Maria
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement
As an answer to some of your inquires...

"...Besides letting the world know you have a voice, that most of the public does not really know what goes on inside the classrooms, good or bad, have you found any economic incentive (i.e. is there a paycheck) in faithfully blogging?"

Ten years ago I didn't even know what a "blog" was, as you can see from the very first post.

I initially intended it to be maybe a diary of sorts for the family/extended family to keep up on our "family news" if they were so inclined. I assumed that the blogger "follow" feature would be populated with friends and relatives.

It was only later when I started subbing and telling my wife Claudette about "how my day went", that she suggested that I should start writing that stuff down. That's when the blog morphed in a different direction. It was a quite a surprise when I started noticing that people I didn't know were "following" the blog.

As for the economic incentive, I didn't even consider it.

As the "following" circle grew, Google notified me about the possibility of earning some cash in exchange for allowing them to post ads. That it makes anything is bonus, but $5-$10 per month isn't a career, it's an occasional free lunch.

"...I notice your posts deal with other "in the news" items and wonder if you get feedback from your readers.  You certainly follow a lot of bloggers."

I only "follow" a dozen or so fellow bloggers (left side). The "members" list on the right are people following this JAST blog.

"...Do you strive a unique perspective or just get inspired by others' writing?"

I guess it's mostly my unique perspective. Sometimes it might be whatever I find interesting in the news.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone has a story to tell. Keep telling yours. More people can relate than will let on.