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Thursday, March 27, 2014

They Called Back!

I was sure I would not be hearing from middle school anytime soon where I turned down the long-term girls P.E. assignment. 

I was wrong. They called back for 7th grade science. It was a good experience.

The 2nd period class convinced me that they were allowed to listen to music with head phones while studying for the physiology science test tomorrow as long as it wasn't distracting to others.

Now, personally I couldn't see any problems letting them use their phone apps to access dictionaries, physiology science related references.  Therefore, I let them.

The only glitch was that I had not had time to review the school policy rules about electronic device usage in the classroom.

When 3rd period showed up asking for the same, one of the students, on the sly, showed me the school policy statement.

"...No electronic devices of ANY KIND are to be used in ANY classroom. If caught, they will be confiscated immediately"

The word must have made the rounds, as no one in periods 4, 5, and 6 even asked.

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