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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Down and Out...

It's been literally years (since 2008 in fact) since I had to turn down an assignment due to sickness. I'm not counting occasional "mental health" days needed to recoup after particularly brutal assignments.

I was supposed to work assignments on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Sunday night at 08:00pm, still battling a weekend long, ragged cough with yellow expectorant production at its peak, I knew I was not going to make it into class.

I called the sub line and cancelled Monday's class. Reason given: Illness.

At 09:15pm the sub line calls with an assignment for a different teacher on Monday at the same school!

Obviously, the substitute call system software  isn't logically designed.

If it were, turning down an assignment for "illness" would obviously mean that NO ASSIGNMENTS FOR MONDAY should be offered to "Mr. Sickly Sub"!

Well, that's not how this software works because at 05:30am, 05:45am and 06:00am the next morning the system was offering last minute Monday assignments.

Not feeling much better by Monday afternoon, I called and cancelled my Tuesday assignment. In addition, I accessed another part of the system and made myself "not available" for Tuesday. The double redundancy seemed to work, as there were no early Tuesday morning phone calls.

Now as to where I got this little bug, I have my...suspicions.


Game Time said...

I haven't been Mr. Sickly Sub, but I feel you. And, maybe you could look at it this way---they need you so much, they were willing to call and call and call until they got to you!

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better!

Chelsea Schultz said...

Hey I sub too as I'm going to school for teaching and I just found your blog and it made my day