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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bird Watching Field Trip!

It is always wise to check the additional notes attached to automated substitute teacher job assignments. Had I missed it, I would have been out wandering the San Francisco Bay marsh and salt ponds, bird watching in slacks and good shoes yesterday.

Fortunately, I did read the attachment that said I would be accompanying two 4th grade classes with another teacher and several adult parent volunteers.

"As there is no shade, wear hat and appropriate clothing"

It was really a fun interesting afternoon. The only downside was the one-hour, hard seat bus ride up and back with sixty excited ( and germy? ) kids getting out of school for the day. The bus ride might be the reason the teacher decided to do something else yesterday.

I just hope I don't catch something from being on that bus for two hours.

1 comment:

Karen Greenberg said...

That sounds like a wonderful field trip!