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Friday, October 28, 2011

Band & Choir…

The substitute teacher system called late last night offering me a ½ day assignment for Band & Choir class. I don’t know how to play any musical instruments, nor do I know anything about singing.

But, I didn’t know anything about art earlier this year, so I assumed that the teacher wouldn’t expect me to actually “teach” either band or singing.

The lesson plan called for showing a video about practice and technique staring featuring Wynton Marsalis & Yo-Yo Ma. The kids were to write 20 facts or comments about the video with the admonition that a comment like: “There was a guy talking” would NOT be acceptable.

What I DIDN’T expect was SIZE of the classes. The middle school attendance sheets can accommodate 30 names per page. If I have a class with two attendance pages, it’s a big class.

First period had 41 students (a page and a half) but it was the second period when I saw the hoards arriving that I noticed the three full pages listing 85 students!

I did a quick count to see if I had 85 bodies, as I knew that calling out all those names would take up most of the available class time. I came up 4 short.

Asking who was missing didn’t work as I don’t think any one student knew ALL the names of the people in the class. I had one of the students call the attendance and identify the missing while I set up and began the video lesson.

Band kids tend to be the more "reliable side" kind so my day went pretty well for "trying something new". Someone suggested that my next "outside the comfort zone" substituting assignment might be girls P.E.

...I think not.


TeacherAde said...

That is funny. I thought that you being a professional substitute would have seen all the classes.

I was a substitute for a while right after I graduated high school. I went back to the high school I graduated from the semester after my graduation to sub for PE/Health.

There were three PE classes in the gym at the same time and the students nor the other PE teachers had any idea that I was the sub. I blended in the entire day and played basketball most of the day.

I was only a year or two older than the classes and there was close to 100 students in the gym between the three classes.

I was not called back and am still unsure if that day had anything to do with the reason why?

McThomas said...

I am doing just this tomorrow! LOL. I asked around to see if I needed any "band" skills. Evidently not, so I Googled and got your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas; I need them.

Thinking PE on Friday too. And I use a cane. Perhaps that will teach the schools to post more notes. LOL