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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Roving Substitute Essentials…

My bag of “Substitute Teacher Essentials” or “Bag of Tricks (BOT)”, as some subs call it, weighs about 12lbs. I only have to lug it once from the car to the classroom and then back again at the end of the day.

Evidentially, the substitute call system has a hard time finding takers for the generic unstated “Vacancy” assignment. In this district, “vacancy” is synonymous for the word “roving sub”. After only one month into this New Year, I’ve already had two roving assignments with six future assignments on the books.

Roving, as opposed to aimless wandering, is simply covering for teachers that have scheduled meetings with school functionaries during school hours. It could be as few as four teachers to as many as eighteen in a single day. It’s an easy assignment but not very exciting for those who sub in hopes of gaining experience for that hopeful full time teacher position…(of which I’m not one)

Roving, obviously, requires a lot of walking around the campus from classroom to classroom. That’s when carrying that bag becomes a real burden, literally! There is also the real possibility that I could forget which classroom I left it in.

Now, when I have a “roving” assignment, the BOT stays in the car. I take only my “roving substitute essentials” which are: reading glasses, a book to read during break time, a whistle, sun glasses and a hat. You’ll need the whistle, sunglasses and hat because frequently the teacher you are covering for has the class outside at recess or doing P.E.

If you are blessed with good eyesight and hair follicle genes, you might be able to trim your list to just the remaining three essentials.


Anonymous said...

The Sub has left a new comment on your post "Roving Substitute Essentials…":

12 lbs - wow! Try and find something with wheels to lug that around!

My personal "bag" is very light, but I'm sticking with high school kids which means 1) I only see them for at most 80 minutes, and 2) I can use more "mind" projects instead of physical ones that require actual equipment. It is easier to carry around, but still stressful when I walk into a classroom with no lesson plans - which has happened far more often than I would have expected!

Anonymous said...

I sub almost exclusively for early elementary classes. Besides the typical stickers, pencils, etc., I carry band-aids, birthday crowns, white board markers and white board cleaner and a fork to get knots out of double tied shoes. Many classes have to change into P.E. shoes, and back into their normal school shoes after class. There are always shoes with knots pulled too tight to loosen with my fingers. Probably the most unusual item I carry is a dog puppet. My puppet occasionally leaves a "dog bone" on the desk of students who are especially attentive. I cut the dog bones from brown grocery sacks. It's amazing how much the kids love to get a dog bone. I make sure every one gets at least one.

Lyndsey said...

Would you mind typing up a post of what you carry in your kit? Or link me to one that you've already written?


lauren said...

My bag is a crossword puzzle, a book to read and something to drink plus a frozen water bottle.
I avoid the 'roaming' like the plague.
I love high school. By then they should be able to find other homework to do or I will sign them out to the tech lab or library!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time here and I'm enjoying reading your blog. I love my sub bag. I do little roving but I have received a lot of attention at a particular school that wants me there all the time (if they have anything to say about it) and so I've been doing more roving. I'm afraid to limit my bag in case I might miss something. I carry whiteboard markers because I like color and need variety, two of my favorite books, a large koosh ball, my sub book which has brain builders for intermediate grades, purple sparkley star box, flash cards (addition and multiplication) for around the world, mini dominoes, a deck of playing cards, water bottle, and lunch. A roller bag would definitely make things easier. I am mostly in primary grades. I also have games like sparkle to practice spelling words and quiet ball at the ready for the end of the day if we get our work completed.