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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Moth Dakota...

I’m not sure if it’s a state wide, district wide or just this school where all 5th graders do a “State Report”. They collect research, data and illustrations on one of US states for compilation into a handmade book. They are allowed to use any resources before refining as a finished product for grade.

My job today as a roving sub ended in a 5th grade class where one student was designing, in pencil, the title and illustrations for the front cover of his book. I noticed an error and being a helpful substitute teacher that I am, suggested that he recheck the spelling of “Noth Dakota”.

I’m almost positive he was kidding when he showed me the corrected title: “Moth Dakota


Anonymous said...

A week ago I was dictating sentences to a 2nd grade class. One of the sentences was "Sam threw the first pitch in the ball game." I bet you can guess which word a student wrote starting with a "b" instead of a "p".

early years resources sam said...

My kids are so naughty too. At home i have to be careful while using words like beach etc as they start giggling..Little devils they are !


Veronica said...

LOL! I am amused by this, but also troubled.