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Friday, February 25, 2011

Coffee Is Not Your Friend…

School is out this week for winter break so that leaves idle time to check out other sources and ideas that might help in the classroom. The website “Super Substitute Teachers!” is where I recently came across the “Coffee is not your friend” for substitute teachers tip:

“As coffee is a diuretic, it can be dangerous to drink before school starts…it can be hard to plan a bathroom breaks.”

I learned this tip the first few weeks of the job. Unlike the office job I had before, you just can’t stop work and take a restroom break whenever “nature calls”. The first thing to find out at a new school is where all the nearby restrooms are and the scheduled breaks to make use of them

Substitute any caffeinated drink of choice in place of coffee in the above statement and the warning still holds true. I’m not a coffee drinker. My morning wakeup beverage of choice is Diet Pepsi. It’s also my drive to work choice, my lunch, break and after school down time choice. I drink a LOT of Diet Pepsi as any of my friends will attest.

I'll probably be spending some additional time on the site for tips I can take back to the classroom starting Monday.


chrissyrudd said...

I am a die hard coffee addict. I know I'm addicted because I say things like, "I like the way I feel on it." and "Can I get mine in an IV?" And your web site is right on, I know all the bathrooms and break schedules in the places I teach, and exactly how much coffee is too much for those days when I have to wait for a break!

Karen said...

This is why I only sub secondary or special ed--there is a break every hour. :)

Jen said...

I used to front load the morning caffeine so that I could hit the bathroom just before school started. Then, you're free to have a Diet Coke (Diet Pepsi only in an emergency) with lunch and then...blessed time of day, a fountain diet coke on the way home.

Not that I have a problem. ;-D

Anonymous said...

For that reason, I avoid drinking coffee or other caffeinated drinks in the morning whenever I have a sub assignment - often one's schedule is unpredictable. Fortunately I'm a morning person so I don't need the boost. Plus I'm concerned if a kid rubs me the wrong way, I might bite his/her head off if I'm wired up.

Blogger said...
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