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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Final Tally: 2009-2010

Another year in the books and the results are in.

For the 180 possible working school days for 2009/10 school year:
66 full working days
13 half days
79 days in school


GT Goddess said...

105.5!!! And we still have 2 days to go .... (but really, who calls a sub the last 2 days of school?)

Anonymous said...

If they would only give you half of the benefits to, then it would be a PERFECT job. Love the blog, keep it going next year! - Signed A Fellow Substitute Teacher

Super Sub said...

You made me go check my stats for the year.

Out of 178 days I worked;

68 full days
37 half days
18 lunch/recess duty
(lunch/recess is separate staffing here so I sub there too)

So I worked on 123 of 178 days so 70% of the time.

Oh and I worked all of the last two weeks of school except the last day which was a half day.

I'm wishing everyone a restful and rejuvenating summer.